A Badge For Disabled Accounts


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  • EVAN
    Disabled accounts are automatically renamed to "Deleted User #randomString" therefor their is no need to add a badge.
  • Vsbl
    First of all, as a user stated disabled accounts get renamed to "Deleted User #xxxxx..." and that would be another way for users to get free badges
  • Exaint
    i dont see why we need this ... u can find deleted accounts by their name ... no need for another badge
  • undermaster.
    Disabled accounts get rened to something like "Deleted User #lettters" so why still bother to make a badge of it
  • username

    As several others have noted, disabled accounts automatically get renamed to `Deleted User <randomString> `, so what is the point of this?

  • lengo
    This has no use since their username is renamed. Plus that's almost rewarding disabled accounts, since people like having tons of badges.

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