Erase current message with ESC


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  • DaSpood

    Ctrl+A to select all text
    Then backspace

    Congrats the whole message is deleted and there is no way you can do that accidentally, unlike using a single key to delete everything, especially since the escape key is right above (or the same key as, depending keyboards) the ` key in QWERTY which is used a lot in long messages.

  • Akino

    1 key is better than 3. 

    The only time I see the ` key used is for code, never in a normal sentence. Also if you accidentally press ESC you can just undo, which would happen a lot less frequently than needing to erase your whole message.

  • schmal

    It'd be great if this were a setting. (Since those of us who want this are clearly in the minority).

    I make tons of typos and frequently want to rewrite something I've already written out. For those who don't do this -- good work. I am unfortunately not among you.

    For me, being able to quickly start over would be a great quality-of-life feature (which I have been longing for since first using Discord five years ago). Yes, of course Ctrl+A and Backspace works. But this is requires both hands whereas ESC can be rapidly done left-handed.

    ESC already closes out menus and does a number of different actions in other contexts... so why not finally give it a purpose in the primary text box?


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