DiscordED: Discord + Secondary Education


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  • mrmac

    I would also like this. I teach at the college level and use GroupMe, but the organization is horrible with multiple classes.

  • Zepp

    I am using it in a college environment...but agree with the points listed above.  It's better than other options for what I'm doing, and I really like the idea of online study halls and tutorial sessions with video (where I find it to be better than alternatives like Teams and Big Blue Button), but the aforementioned issues are also there for me.

  • box bitch no dont ask

    I'm looking to create a Discord server for my school and servers dedicated to education uses would be incredibly useful.

    I hope the team at Discord considers this!

  • MusicSounds

    This is a great idea, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic when schools may be suspended and online lectures/teaching are/is required. I think this could be implemented under the current Partner program (or a similar DiscordEd program separately), where Go Live feature viewer limits are removed for online lectures and set at 1080p30 for optimal performance.

    Discord servers are easy and painless to set up for administrators, and easy to use even for less tech-savvy students/teachers. I would be pleased to see this happen (WebEx and Zoom don't have Dark Mode, automatically making them bad).

  • Adonnen Kinslayer

    You're right about the epidemic. Microsoft has made their teams free, but tbh, I'd still rather use discord.

  • Mr. E

    Discord needs to do this. This is an open market that has endless business opportunities and can benefit our classrooms so much. I would have done it but Discord already has the platform necessary.

    This could be the start of a revolutionary e-learning platform if done right.

    My main suggestion for Discord is to get ministry approved in provinces and territories in Canada, and do similar with with other jurisdictions in other countries. You have to market the platform and show how it will be successful in being used with education.

    Next, discord has to work directly with google classroom. Google is by far the largest tool for teachers from a 3rd party platform (aside from school platforms) for promoting the e-learning classroom. There are also several other platforms used in post secondary such as moodle, ect...
    However teaming up with google will allow discord access to those e-classrooms.
    This will benefit everyone for the following reason:
    Each Google classroom has its own distinctive code. Teachers are effectively the administrators of that classroom and they are able to add or remove students in that classroom. Students are only allowed to join that classroom if logged in through their student e-mails which are managed by the school board. This way, the user is verified as a student of that particular board, and the name and information of that student are presented with accuracy (legal name, student ID, ect). Furthermore, it simplifies the sign up process because it's already done for the students and discord has access go that. If partnered appropriately, Discord and Google can create a way where that specific classroom code is also applicable to that discord platform and student can join that class through being logged in via student emails.
    Eg: Mr. Ogunsanya has 25 students in his period one class. He creates a Google classroom and shares the following code with them "GH6Y7J8". The students must be logged in through their student emails when entering the code in order for them to join his classroom. He also shares the discord with the students and asks them to join with the same code. In an ideal world if students join the google classroom, they will also be automatically added to that classroom's discord. If lets say 2 weeks from a student drops his course and Mr. Ogunsanya removes them from the period 1 e-classroom, it will also be ideal if that student was automatically through the discord as well.

    This will be extremely beneficial because it gives students the opportunity to from home, but also takes away nickname privileges and other role based privileges that students don't need access to.

    I also have hopes that not only will we be able to use discord as a seperated app from Google classroom, but if there was a discord option in those actual e-learning classrooms that would be ideal. But I'll take what I can get.

    If you like my idea give it a thumbs up!

    Ps: this suggestion was a free one. I have a lot more big ideas but the next ones will cost you! ;)

  • denti antonella

    impossibile!!! rumori e fischi di sottofondo.

    io sento chi parla mentre le altre persone non mi sentono !

    per favore ditemi che devo fare! situazione insostenibile

    grazie antonella denti


  • COD- Warzone

    I forget my email from discord and password how to fix it

  • Thibault

    Moi je veux que vous venez dans mon serveur svp

  • jefftrahan02

    DiscordED, which combines Discord and secondary education, can be a powerful tool for facilitating communication, collaboration, and learning among students and educators. Here are some ways Discord can be used in a secondary education setting:

    1. Virtual classrooms: Discord servers can be set up as virtual classrooms, where teachers can create separate channels for different subjects or classes. Students can join these channels to ask questions, share resources, discuss topics, and engage in group projects.

    2. Homework and assignments: Discord can serve as a platform for students to submit their homework and assignments. They can upload their work to designated channels, allowing teachers to provide feedback and assessments.

    3. Study groups and tutoring: Students can form study groups on Discord to collaborate with their peers, discuss concepts, and prepare for exams. Additionally, teachers or knowledgeable students can offer tutoring services through voice or video calls.

    4. Online discussions: Discord's chat and voice channels provide a space for students to engage in online discussions related to their coursework. Teachers can moderate these discussions, pose questions, and encourage students to participate in thoughtful conversations.

    5. Announcements and notifications: Discord can be used by teachers to share important announcements, reminders, and updates with their students. Teachers can create announcement channels or use the server's notification feature to ensure students stay informed.

    6. Resource sharing: Discord allows for the easy sharing of educational resources such as documents, links, videos, and presentations. Teachers can create dedicated channels to organize and share these resources with their students.

    7. Collaboration and group projects: Discord's voice and screen sharing capabilities enable students to collaborate on group projects remotely. They can discuss ideas, work on documents together, and present their work to the group.

    8. Teacher-student communication: Discord provides a direct line of communication between teachers and students outside of traditional class hours. Students can seek clarification, ask questions, or request additional support from their teachers through private messages or designated channels.

    It's important to establish clear guidelines and expectations for using Discord Apk in an educational setting to maintain a productive and respectful learning environment. Additionally, ensure that student privacy and data protection measures are in place when utilizing any online platform for educational purposes.

  • peternash

    While Discord has primarily been designed for gaming communities, creating a separate school-friendly version with features like school email requirement, disabling NSFW channels, and optional school administrator registration could be beneficial for educational settings. However, whether Discord decides to pursue such a direction depends on their business strategy. In the short term, consider alternative platforms for your newspaper club's activities while respecting your school's policies and guidelines.

  • donovanc

    It seems like you might be referring to a concept or term involving Discord and secondary education. Discord is a popular communication platform, and some educators have explored using it as a tool for educational purposes.

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