Boosting Visibility


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  • Ghyllnox

    Sorry, I'm on mobile and hit submit accidentally.

    I don't want more emojis and upload sizes to have any potential to influence our decisions and destabilize our community. I would rather server staff be able to turn off those immediately visible things server-wide or opt out of boosting altogether.

  • Mugen

    I don't really get what's your issue with boosting but if you manage a server and don't want the perks then you are free not to put them to use although that kinda defeats the natural purpose of upgrading a server. 🐢

  • Ghyllnox

    To be clear, I'm grateful for the features that apply to the server as a whole, but the current description of things that individuals get for boosting includes a role and a "gem" marker that can't be removed by the user or the server as long as the user is boosting. I'm concerned that having boosting be that blatant without the option for servers to opt out of the vanity portions will influence moderation, and I would rather have a server option to opt out of boosting in that case. Not implementing most of the benefits would not help if the users are marked because at least one benefit, the upload size increase, is automatic.


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