Hiding Discord Nitro Boost status


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  • Fiendir

    Just being able to disable the purple HEY I'M HELPING text would be amazing, especially since it overwrites your chosen role colour!

  • garballax

    i too would like the option to hide the boost emblem as a server administrator, at the very least from the member list

  • Multarix

    This would be a nice thing to do, it looks crowded with the crown for the server owner, also the fact that for some reason the nitro boost icon breaks as shown in the picture.


  • thetechguy
    why? don't you want people to know you support a certain server?
  • Sqdw

    Please discord allow me to hide this. First of all this symbol, especially in pink, highly resembles a very inappropriate symbol (at least in my country), and also I really don't want other people in discord to be aware, I had no idea I cannot disable the icon, so now I am really tempted to just get rid of Nitro.

  • nin9swells

    Agree with this idea.
    It's basically allowing us to give anonymous donation to the server. While some people want to show their support to the public, some don't. Able to choose not showing to all members or all-members-but-administrator.

  • Amaristella

    I don't want everyone who joins the servers I boost to see my name differently. It also causes me to lose my role colors which are important on some servers. I really want to be able to hide all the booster flair. Please!

  • Kat

    PLEASE give us the option to hide the boost badge. Not all of us like showing off we're boosting things, it's also basically telling people what we're spending money on, which is frankly none of their business.

  • DarranJFord

    Please, please!. I get this is difficult to believe and you think that we must be kidding or something. Not all of us are egotists.

    On some servers it might be all good fun or whatever, but in my server, it looks like I just turned up to work in a tuxedo throwing hundred dollar bills at people.

    You guys have to understand there are different cultures! I paid you to allocate more resources to my server, and you dressed me up like a clown!


  • Elliot Yun

    I'd like to be able to disable it as well.

    Here are the numerous reason one should be able to disable this icon (per individual, on a server-basis)

    - inappropriate icon

    - doesn't want to be highlighted

    - anonymous donation

    - horizontal philosophy

    - keep money spending private

    - keep personal information under control


    I understand that some don't understand, but it doesn't affect anyone but the individual which chooses to hide the icon.

    One valid argument could be that the icon incentives other members to nitro boost and in this case a workaround would be to highlight the amount of boosts in a more exposed manner somewhere else (but not pointing at individuals).


    I support this demand and upvoted. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Doug

    +1 for letting me hide this badge

    Other options I'd accept:

    • Allow it to be seen by certain server members but not others
    • Just hide the join date/Nitro since dates
    • Don't force me to change colors
  • Woo

    Ah. Good thing I googled it before finalising my subscription. Thanks for the thread! I'll not be subscribing yet...

  • ƵΞИ

    Yeah seriously, it'd be great if we can just get a toggle option for the crown as server owner, and the booster pink diamond icon.

    kinda messes with my name color, i dont think its a good exercise to force everyone to have the icon.

    If anything, at least maybe a way to change the color of the diamond, or variety of different shapes we could use if you really wanna force that on us.


  • Dog

    I'd like an option to remove the badge as well. 

    Having a big sign on my name saying "LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I PAID MONEY"

  • Principal

    Good idea

  • DarranJFord

    Judging by the timestamps on the comments here, my guess is that a lot of people have joined discord as a result of the lockdowns and remote working arrangements. This means a lot of people are on Discord who would not otherwise have joined. The population and culture of the users is going to be different now.

    Unfortunately, since the development team prioritise making changes based on the most upvoted feedback, our issue will never be a popular one.

    If anyone is good at finding e-mails of key personnel (I'm terrible at it!) who we could contact, and would actually be in a position to influence the direction of app development; I'd be willing to try pitching this change more strongly.

    Otherwise, I'd be willing to join a group exodus in protest, even if just to get the attention of someone in management.


  • Persephassa

    strongly support this idea.

  • Judah

    Unfortunately, I suspect that the kind of people who support this idea, also tend to be the kind who would be less likely to request it.

  • kalieaire

    I feel that the product managers are exceptionally shortsighted for not allowing anonymous boosting or at least hiding their status except to server administrators.  

    There are users (immature males) of communities who are difficult to deal with in terms of social boundaries and continually harass people (specifically women). 

    The climate for women is tough enough as it is.  Women that want to support communities that they believe in aren't able to do so anonymously and are subject to harassment.  Women are forced to jump through hoops such as:

    • Creating additional email accounts to create a additional discord accounts
    • Purchasing mobile numbers to enable MFA
    • Purchasing a second subscription of Nitro to receive a 30% discount

    All due to not being able to have a the simple feature of hiding their boosting status. 

    I feel Discord's stance, and that of their product managers, to be exceptionally tone deaf in this regard.

    Additionally, the implementation of Discord's security and privacy features are lackluster as well. 

    For one, they prefer mobile numbers to VOIP numbers.  With SIM Swapping, a relatively trivial practice, online personas are easily attacked using social engineering techniques whereas VOIP services are less accessible by malicious actors because they can be secured using a layered approach of technical controls.

    Discord has an opportunity to fix certain back-end processes and increase their revenue stream, but they've prioritized all their resources toward new feature releases and incidental bug patches that, for the most part, are imperceptible to most users.

  • Persephassa

    Agree with the dude above. It may be surprising, but there are some people that doesn't want to purchase nitro because of the badge. They don't want to brag about it nor get bullied because of that.

    Having the simple option to hide the badge might increase the numbers of purchases. In the case of server boosting, kalieaire said something interesting: ' at least hiding their status except to server administrators. ', make it that only the server staff can check who has purchased a boost if the user itself doesn't want to show the badge.

  • DarranJFord

    Hey Discord. There's my cancellation. Let me know if you decide to change this nonsense policy.


  • Judah

    Starting to feel like DarranJFord . Discord is a great company, but I hope that you never need to deal with their CS. 

  • Ren

    There is a server I do want to support and I was finally considering Nitro in order to do it, but I'm not going to unless I can hide the boost symbol.

  • Judah the Hammer

    Please repost link to this request wherever appropriate. Can't see why anybody would downvote it, and if it gets enough attention, then something might happen...

    Also, the above reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/discordapp/comments/gmxz6g/request_hide_personal_badge_toggle/ , tweet etc...

  • yume

    +1 for this


    just boosted a server without even questioning whether I'd be able to hide it and have cancelled within 5 mins after realizing such a deliberate decision had been made by Discord to not allow this. 

  • Nightfall

    Having that icon is like sucking yourself off in front of everyone. At least for those of us that have Tegridy it feels that way.


    Lettuce exist in the shadows.



  • Capypara



    Please add the option to boost anonymously!

  • Horstusius

    I would prefer to be able to hide it as well!
    so +1

  • numerablewhom

    please make it something we can turn off or I will not continue to use nitro. tks


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