Let server owners disable direct messaging for their server


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  • Pramsing

    Not it doesn't.
    This post is about giving the OWNER of the discord server the ability to prevent DMs to be sent through the server. You're talking about individual people being able to disable it, but that's not what this post is asking for.

  • DetectiveGhost

    That Post had been living for 2 years thrown in the trash, discord really should do it if they want to stop DM advertising this post needs more recognition

  • KeRin

    !d bump
    would be nice

  • paulomega7

    bump once again
    please for the love of christ discord, listen

    and make it so we can hide the member list, zero reason why this isnt a thing already

    I have a large following and my friends do too and we would like to open our server up to new people without it being a big deal as to who we are

    I shouldnt have to worry about my friends being harrased 

  • Lukas-MarquisBs-GG

    Nitro User here.

    Please add this. It's not just for bots but when your community grows and new users join there are always some people who (even without evil intent) do not understand that you cannot start spamming people in DMs after 1 gaming session.
    It's annoying and uncomfortable to have to turn people down. Especially for the females on our server.
    We are aware of the User-Privacy setting but we would like to disable this all together so that new users don't even get exposed to this issue in the first place

    Best Regards


  • dent77x

    How hard is it to make new members unable to send DM until an admin (or a bot) gives them the permission? Seems like a really really easy thing to add.

  • Alexandraa

    They cannot even block messages properly let alone somthing complex like this


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