Ability to turn off the 'X' for instantly deleting embedded messages


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  • Lear

    In addition; there should also be a confirmation for deleting embeds; just in case someone with the specific role accidentally taps that easily accessible X button. Maybe even a way to bring an embed back after delete would work as well.

  • MrMustache

    It seems though that the 'x' is present beside ANY embedded message and not just the ones made by a bot account. So You can pretty much delete any automated link embeds (YT, Twitter, Reddit, ...)
    +1 for a roll back feature.

  • kitty

    There have been many accidental deletions in my server of important information. Please, for the sake of people's time and sanity, at least add a confirmation prompt - or make it similar to unpinning: have a confirmation come up unless you're holding shift while clicking the x. I've literally had to take manage message permissions away from my officers who don't use fullscreen Discord because it's created so much extra trouble.

  • PeKa

    Is there a way to revive closed embed message?
    I accidentally clicked it on my registration form. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • LostDragonist

    Why is this still a thing?  

  • j4Ko

    Please fix this

  • Jakapoa

    Dear god, please disable this. Many bots are using embeded messages for logging events such as bans, warnings, message deletions, and other important administrative functions. The fact that a single button can just wipe that data is just absurd.

  • Pode

    To add some evidence, the "x" button overlapping the reaction button is so bad that I'd go so far as to say it's a bug. 

    My discord uses a bot to post applications to our team, and we use an emoji to signify that the app has been responded to.


    Any time the "x" is visible, it is what will be clicked, even if the mouse is still hovering over the reaction button. 

    Luckily in this case, our form keeps a hard backup so I was able to replicate the post. 


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