General customization within the application, and maybe less bloat?


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  • VitaminTHC

    changing the background would be easy adding the theme "custom" with a few color pickers etc

  • Jorban ♥

    I feel like that would be a great addition to the base of the Discord client.
    Most of the time, the already chosen default colors tend to depress me more often than not.
    You could also have it fit with the current theme that your operating system is running.
    I know grey/black/white is already like theme neutral, but it gives a little bit more control of what you have set for your PC.
    It would be nice to be able to change the color, even if you didn't want to.

  • Xcap

    yeah it would be cool to add a custom background color or maybe image. Like they could make a template where people could put images onto and it would be nice. Ive seen people doing this with a modification but it isn't allowed so I don't wanna attempt it.

  • Jorban ♥

    Hopefully the suggestion picks up some more traction and they take it into consideration! It's always been something that I've had in thought to suggest, I just never realize that I could! :)

    Also as it does suggest in the TOS that modifying Discord using patchers or etctera can lead to a ban so I cannot reccomend doing it, but they have some very cool ideas that Discord could maybe take note from and pull into their vanilla version of the Discord application.


    Edit : I keep reading in other threads on Reddit and even on the Discord suggestion website that you should use the Chrome version of Discord for better performance, as so that kind of bothers me. Chrome in itself uses more ram and cpu usage, adding Discord only amplifies this.

    So I do not think that using Discord inside of a browser would be the best alternative to a unbloated version of Discord.


  • Soheab_

    Could be easily abused.

  • VitaminTHC

    @Soheab_ how would they be able to abuse it if you only allow them to define COLORS ?

  • Naruto UZUMAKI

    how do i set up applications


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