New Mobile Status


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  • Yura

    I personally prefer the uniformity of the circular icons, and the mobile indicator breaks that up. It's a small thing, but I prefer the mobile indicator being to the right of the username

  • boss
    I did like the old mobile icon and status icons, but I grew onto them and they honestly make it look modern.
  • Panicakr

    Rather this, I think a setting which allows the user to more specifically alter their appearence settings would be better (i.e. new vs. old mobile icon).

  • Zach Fett

    I hate that the mobile icon is now covering people's profile pic. It was perfectly fine off to the side of the usernames before.

  • Zayn

    To be honest the new indicator is bothering a lot of people I know including me, it covers the profile picture because it's way too big, either put it back to the old one next to the username or make it smaller.

  • saira

    make. it. smaller.

  • TheRandomeer

    I just wish there was a better indicator when YOU are also on mobile, so you can see who else is on mobile rather than seeing you friend pop on and off-line rapidly. 

  • Mystik

    I was going to make another suggestion just for the size but knowing these brainiac moderators, they will just close it as a duplicate anyways so I'll complain here instead.

    I think the icon itself is fine, but as others have already said here, it's simply too large. It's stupid that it's bigger than all the rest of the status icons.


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