Feature Request: Server-Side DM Settings


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  • questionoak

    100% agree.  Let's fill up the comments and get Discord to do something about it.  I think the crypto community really needs this.  Imagine having a legitimate support issue and not being able to trust that you are talking to the correct person with your money.

  • Shaddix2

    Please make this happen. Someone close to me lost money to a scam, and I almost fell for the same one. This can't be ignored, do something discord or you'll be eaten by another platform

  • apexhaus

    Yes! I 100% agree with this and hope that Discord implements this change. Server DM's are horribly easy ways for scammers and bots to trick new users and has caused major issues across many of the channels I've been in. Constantly have to tell users to disable their DM's to try and avoid these scams or malicious entities. It would be extremely beneficial for a server admin to disable them by default, and allow users to manually turn them on, instead of it being the current other way around.

  • Clepsydra150

    This would especially be nice for support servers (like mine).


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