Keep blocked users from seeing online/gaming status.


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  • i dont like fighting

    good <33

  • Kimdracula

    I love this. And I am surprised it isn't included in the blocking function.

    With Discord being used not only for social groups, but work groups too. When I am 'off the clock', I do not want people form certain servers seeing me.

    Being able to apply game status and my online/offline status on a per person and per server basis would be amazing!

  • Nothing Matters

    YES ,this would be nice. I hope the Discord team implements it eventually. When i can't text people I can get distracted by using custom statuses to communicate and would rather like it to have it simply show offline.

  • BubblegumBitch

    This is so important! I've been stalked on my stream because blocked users have been able to see my status and it's very defeating):

  • Grommet

    Discord Dev's don't seem to care about privacy. 

  • bushwah

    "Leave shared servers" If you've ever DMed the person that doesn't work, though! Or even if they've DMed you, before you blocked them. Once there's an open DM conversation, that person permanently has access to your status in their DM list.

    Besides, having to leave a server in order to avoid one person is exactly what blocking is supposed to prevent.

  • klyde

    Still nothing? There's so many nice options that Discord could easily add but they never do. 

  • User

    This needs to be a default for the blocking feature


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