request to dis-enable chat online feature


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    What is the point of a server if there is no communication? Why are they in your server in the first place if you don’t want them to talk to each other? You can make a channel read-only.

  • Eloryan / Floby

    This is stupid. This totally goes against what Discord is made for. If people don't want to receive a DM, it's up to them to make their settings accordingly. But it's not for you to decide for them. In no way !

  • Duckers McQuack

    That´s up to each person to decide whether they want to pm or not.

  • JohannLau

    Nice idea, can prevent planned raiding

  • Duckers McQuack

    Johann, then get a bot that mutes people when posting more than 5 messages within 10 sec. A server i'm on has prevented a good deal raids thanks to that bot.

  • UpperJeans

    Quit spamming this garbage suggestion on other pages.

  • Zannnder

    This is already a feature just delete all your text channels or make them read only


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