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  • assimilater

    The old quote system automatically added a ping to your message as well. Having it off by default I think would be a good step though

  • Kazuma Taichi

    Yeah, I'll only be wanting to ping someone like 1/50 times that I'll be using reply, so having the default be off (or at least a way to set my own default) would save me a lot of headache.

  • brightestwitch

    I came looking to see if this exact thing had been mentioned. I would rather not have to remember every time to turn off the mention setting. I will only rarely want to @ whoever I'm replying to

  • dthusian

    Another thing to consider is being able to block pings from replies in notification settings for a server. You can already block pings by type, and replies should be part of it.

  • Athul

    Pls make default ping off
    as some users are disturbed (not really)
    including bots (very  much)
    resulting in my ban in one server 
    (mods were nice so got unbanned).

    but that's not the case with every mod or bot.

    That's  why please make default off.


  • ExpertCoder

    I would suggest that it is sticky instead, meaning it remembers what you set it to last time and uses that as the default next time you reply. For example, if you turn it off, next time you open the reply menu it starts at OFF. If you turn it on, the next time you reply it will be ON.

    A common mistake with these “sticky” settings is that if you change them, the only way to get them to “stick” is to actually commit to the reply; if you turn the switch OFF but abort the reply, that OFF doesn't stick, which is frustrating. When this sticky feature comes in, ensure that any changes to the setting are kept regardless if the reply is aborted instead of committed.

  • Emilie

    Most of the time you don't want to @mention the person you're replying to, as either they're active in chat, or you know they'll see it later, or it's not important to send them a notification because you just want to link the message, etc. Therefore it's really annoying to have to turn it off all the time.

    I think it should be off by default, and then you would turn it on only when you truly need to send a notification.

    It would also stop people from @mentioning others by mistake because they don't know how to turn it off or because they forgot to, a lot of people get irritated by constantly receiving notifications (so do I), especially when not necessary, if anything it can make the conversation unpleasant, or it could even push people to mute servers, killing their activity in these.

    So really it's just counterproductive, it makes everyone mad and people get less and less involved in discussions because of it. The feature is great though, much better than quotes, @mention should just be turned off by default, for everyone's sanity.

  • Athul

    I will suggest keeping the default on and keep a keybind to make a key for ping

    Although the feature is great and helps in chat by pinging them of a reply.

  • TheSheepster

    Agreed! A simple setting would make things faster and easier!

  • Lily

    Old but still need this. Just go flamed because I forgot to turn off reply ping.

  • ArykAran

    I'm on a server where reply ping is a rules violation. The default being on makes it dangerous to use the reply feature at all!

  • Kazuma Taichi

    Damn, 2 years and 133 upvotes on just this one thread (when I'm sure there's others about it too) and Discord still hasn't done anything. But don't worry, they added Activities feature now~

    This feedback forum is a joke

  • Pythius6665

    They don't bother me in particular, but as a moderator, I am tired of having to break up arguments over people getting triggered by reply pings. Ya'll have added features that most of us don't care about using Nitro funds, so please just make the one fix that a lot of people actually want, i know it isn't that hard to switch the default to off, and with all the Nitro money that is collected, I'm sure something can be figured out. So, before i decide that my money is better spent elsewhere (since i literally just use the additional server profile options available to Nitro, and the servers I'm in would gladly sacrifice a boost or two if it means getting ya'll to fix an easy problem), please just do what the community has asked. It's hard enough babysitting teenagers all day, we mods don't need additional fuel to the fire. 

  • Sillvva

    +1 to this

    As a moderator, I've seen several instances where some users don't want to be pinged, and regularly get pinged in conversations by users using reply. Sometimes it's by accident, some don't know they can turn it off, but some also do it maliciously. So we've had to start giving out reminders/warnings to users when they ping after being asked not to.

    It would make things so much easier if we can turn ping off on replies by default for specific roles, but still allow them to turn it on if they feel they need to.


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