custom Emojis not working


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  • MrHeineken88

    Same here. Now I have to go to a PC or do it on the desktop mode webversion...

  • Ariel Lazarus

    Yeah, it's happening for some of us in my server too and it's so aggravating. It just started in the past week or so I think.

  • Zreaper

    3 months later and it occurring to me now aswell

  • Leocardia

    Broken for me as well. Not ALL emotes are broken on Android for me, just some. Even when I write them manually as text and not just clicking the icon.


    all emojis used to work fine for me and now some don't work. it's only specific ones that don't and some others i have no problem with. used to have no issue with them until like 2 updates ago.

    this is aggravating.


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