Set a custom status - now supports schedule


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  • haku

    Basically what could be a good one for wide customisation is setting the time zone of the time you want the status to update, when (ofc in that time zone) you want the status to update, and the message to update to. it should also keep the original status until the time where it becomes replaced.

  • Barni

    I need this feature very much. Actually, 2 things. Custom status schedule + clear after custom timeframe. Discord, you're the best. Please! 😘

  • Tuevon

    Oh, yes, please!

  • Keenora

    That'd be amazing! It could be done with the API, but something built-in would be much better!

  • Tok

    I agree, that would be a very useful feature for discord. It could ease the need to manually add a status for any sort of event like Christmas!

  • xodlike

    Would love to see this, bumping for support.


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