Add a slider for the resizing of emojis


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  • tchervychek

    The emoji simply don't have enough room, scaling them down by 20% and keeping line height the same would be much nicer IMO.

  • SirBraneDamuj

    I have the opposite problem, I think the jumbo emojis are too small for some situations. The CSS for the jumbo emoji is very straightforward, and I've set up a custom stylesheet for my browser to bump up the size a bit and it makes a huge difference. Unfortunately, this naturally does not work with the desktop clients.

    I would appreciate a configurable jumbo size.

  • Residays

    I'd like if there was a way for them to not shrink with text, have the opossite problem lol

  • DJYawe

    All these salty peeps! I have a suggestion that we can use a slider to not only make them smaller but MUCH bigger too, cause many users love commissioning highly detailed emoji's, and even with large icons on I still have to lean way forward and squint to barely make anything out. Finally, watch out there's a possible flood of more that agree when I send this as a link.


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