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  • Frikandel

    The new embeds are very bad contrast wise and very hard to read. While the field titles now look more like actual 'titles', they're very small and introduce yet another font type/ text style in something that can already look busy.

    In embeds that have an author and a title, the title is bigger then the author name, while the author should be similar/bigger, because it is above the title.

    The footers are also very hard to read, they're even worse then embed field titles contrast wise. The text is already very small.

    I would suggest sticking to max 2 different text colors, plus any links that might be in the embed also have their own color.

    If these changes go through, then I'm fairly sure every bot author will simply switch to embed descriptions instead of fields. Descriptions can be changed and customized with markdown. This update would limit what fields can be used for even more. Please consider asking bot developers for feedback before going through with these changes.

  • Shadow
    Please do it. The field titles are now grey, which entirely defeats the purpose of a "title", as they don't have any contrast with the background colour of dark theme. On light theme it looks meh, but on dark theme they just look like some random annotation instead of titles of fields.
  • InfiniteHunter

    I do agree on reverting the changes to the embeds.I personally do like the change of the embed title as it now stands bolder and bigger as compared to it's previous version. However, the new update has made titles in field embeds harder to decipher and defeats the soul purpose of having a title that is to standout from the details following. 

  • index.ts
    The only part I don’t like is the background color. On light theme, it looks really blue, which I’m not a fan of
  • Costpap
    This is simply unneeded. The new embeds are fine as they are. If the color of things like the Footers were changed to a light-ish gray instead of the current color, they would be even better. There's really no reason for going back to most users.

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