Make embed field names white again on dark theme


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  • Morgân von Brylân

    Yeah, I really don't see why they did that. These are supposed to be titles, they should be more visible than the rest, not nearly invisible.

  • joseph

    This is odd, not sure why Discord added yet another feature that no one likes...

  • InfiniteHunter

    I agree. This update made embeds look disgusting and much harder to read. It takes away the purpose of a field title which is to be more prominent than the details following. There was nothing wrong with the way embeds were previously and I view this update to be redundant. A negative viewpoint for this update from me.


    I don't like the new embeds I think they look ugly

  • Waytizzz

    Yeah, this is not good embed now. 

  • Soheab_

    Title and descriptions are fine, i like the more padding but... the field name.. those need to be changed back or improved 

  • 小路綾

    They did well with the author, title and the space between lines of the embeds, but there was no need for them to darken the field titles and compress the space between inline fields. They should at least revert the embeds back to what they were, because they were fine already.

  • OverCoder

    It shouldn't be pure white but rather a very light shade of grey.

  • metruzanca

    I too, would very much like to see the titles be their grayish white again.

    Makes no sense, name = title, value = description.

  • Gofven

    Waiting it out wont solve the problem discord, we're still disappointed and the changes needed is quite minimal.


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