Server Boosting Suggestion


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  • Hope

    non Nitro users should only be able to get a free server boost with a verified phone number then, to prevent multiple account creation and an abuse of it.

  • Lewis
    Nice Idea, maybe allow non-nitro users to get a free boost every 3 months, if they complete a fun task or something. Just to allow Discord some more profit, since they work so hard to bring us everything we are suing right now. Why not give them this small thing in return? Every little helps heh.
  • charitwo
    Too much potential for abuse
  • ethan🐞

    Maybe for Nitro Classic members? I think giving everyone one per month would leave way too much room for abuse

  • Koro

    Are you d*mb ? Just create 1493948 Accounts and boost your own server.


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