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  • Eny

    up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Ane

    I would love this, but it NEEDS to have an option to disable it. I don't want people to beg me for nitro due to being a frequent gifter.

  • Persephassa

    I like the idea. There's no sense in purchasing Nitro for myself as I don't have any home. I find it more pleasurable to gift it to someone. Sometimes people don't trust I can gift as I don't have Nitro for myself, so having this badge would be great!

  • Eny

    I agree

  • ・ Bearby 🔪🌹꒱ˎˊ˗



    This would really be amazing, I'd love to flex the amount of nitro i have gifted and also more people would believe me that my nitro gift links are real lmao.

  • piece

    This sounds great i'm surprised discord hasn't added this in yet.

  • Ks.gurga

    hilp my

  • hαnd

    I honestly think having something like wouldn't be a necessity, just something like the hypesquad badges. A option to not have it appear would be useful for the people who don't want spam dm's (as a comment above said). Atleasg not the generous people have something to share


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