Random people harassing me


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  • Lil Sizzurp

    The best thing to do is just block them, leave the group and forget about it.

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  • Isireth

    Problem is I don’t know who is calling me, i don’t know anyone in it and I got another call today

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  • R-Morton

    Isireth, I'm sorry to hear of your difficulty on Discord... I know of other people experiencing similar problem & MUCH worse :(

    I hope your situation has been resolved successfully !!!

    Please connect with me should you WITNESS / OBSERVE hostilities against any person you feel might be connected to someone with same family name as mine, we'd appreciate knowing what you see or hear online at Discord or elsewhere online to deal with cyberbullying perpetrators properly!

    Hopefully you're not being harassed anymore... don't let people get away with it, make sure authorities and admin is fully aware! 

    Thanks and good luck!

    Regards, R-Morton

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