Changing Emoji Colours on Dark or Light Mode Respectively


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  • thetacriterion

    This isn't nitpicky-- don't a majority of users use dark mode? Why on earth is the ™ symbol so dark it's nearly invisible?

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  • DallonRichard

    adding a thin light grey outline around all emojis would be nice, or better yet, around all the dark emojis. or just change them so they arent exactly the same color as the dark theme background. all the light emojis are fine in light theme, but so many dark emojis are nearly invisible in dark theme

    examples: ™️ ➕ ✖️ ➖ ➗ ✔️ ⚫ 🖤 ⬛ ◾ ◼️ ▪️ ✴️🎼 🎱 🏴💲
    [the treble clef could stand to have white between the lines, only the label is visible on the 8 ball, only the staff is visible on the black flag, and the dollar sign is actually darker than the dark theme so its slightly visible as opposed to mostly invisible]

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