Discord Notes Limit


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  • jiango

    Please remove the limit on user notes!

  • Mischa

    Is it possible to reset your notes all-together? Deleting old notes doesn't allow new ones. 

  • Akuhime-sama

    Yes Discord, please remove note limits. 

  • Akuhime-sama


    Please also upvote to raise awareness that this is an issue for MANY users.
    They can't add new ones because they hit limit, and they can't delete them because they don't have contact with the people anymore!!

  • ! LC;

    Honestly thought either my account was bugged or something for the longest time, what's the point of a note limit? 

    I can't express how useful the feature is.

  • I love notes, they are very helpful, it would be great to remove the limit, or at least move it to a few thousand. Please

  • deepadmax

    It's silly that they have a limit, considering you can upload text files of much bigger sizes and you can upload as many of them as you'd like. They don't have a limit on chat messages. They don't have a limit on uploading images. They certainly should have no limit on notes, which even have a smaller character limit.

  • They should definitely get rid of the limit, I can't make any new notes and sometimes I can't delete old notes. A lot of people I had notes on I'm not in contact with anymore so I can't remove them either.

  • MadMantis

    Notes limit is a limit. #deep

  • AnonymouslE

    This would be especially helpful considering there is no way to keep track of who you have notes on.


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