I want to verify my account with phone number but I don't receive the message


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  • skzai

    I also didn't recieve the code. Do let me know as well if you find out any helpful answer.

  • bigbashleague

    I also didn't recieve the code. Do let me know as well if you find out any helpful answer.

  • taya ☺

    I need to verify my account but I don't have a phone number to enter. How do I verify??

  • Mysterious Peanut

    I need to verify!! I'm not getting the message for the 6diget code! FIX IT PLZ!!

  • ♡ | M o o n

    I think I need to verify it by phone number too, but where do I even write the number? This is so sad, discord is my whole life- ;(

  • Joseph Red

    I am not receiving the 6 digit code.. Please fix it as soon as you can.....It will be best for all of us....

  • a1day1ant

    Im having the same problem right now how do you fix it?

  • Gooeybluey

    Yeah I am also having that problem

  • wdpch

    Me too!!!

  • wdpch

    What is the point of this if nobody gives you any information???

  • stefi

    any updates? did you mananged to solve the problem? i have the same problem


  • ChocoFaux

    i can't verify my account because, my primary account has disable and i can't delete this account or to take off my phone number. if you can delete my account pls.


    email: leo.desmoulins@gmail.com


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