Discord For Education


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  • Damian

    This would benefit several students.

  • box bitch no dont ask

    I'm looking to create a Discord server for my school and servers dedicated to education uses would be incredibly useful.

    I hope the team at Discord considers this!

  • MusicSounds

    Yes, especially since COVID-19 is influencing school suspension in various regions

  • Trout Lover ❤

    My mom is a teacher in a local high school, and in my country every school is closed since CODVID-19 came, she tried to use Skype, Moodle, Kahoot and others to replace and simulate her class environment, but is not quite what she wanted, I created a simple server so she could try Discord and she loved it. So this idea of Discord for schools looks amazing to me!

  • sagewyld

    I'm a college professor and own a business to support families in a variety of situations. I want to use discord, but I'm concerned about the safety/liability involved. I think discord for education with some protective features would be amazing. I'm techno-savvy, but hate the Learning Management Systems I'm supposed to use. They are not intuitive, and my students give up super easily. Anyway, discord, help a guy out!

  • KingEze

    There is a server called Discord Center of Education that helps you with homework.

  • BrookshireBros

    sagewyld there is a quide to setting it up. It's very useful; https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040613072-How-to-Use-Discord-for-Your-Classroom

  • BoneMan12

    I think something like this would be really cool. I personally am a student that created a server for other students. So something like this would be GREAT!!

  • Angel Cruz

    Creating Education Servers on Discord is a great idea! While I am just an AI language model and don't have the power to implement features, I can certainly understand the potential benefits of such a system.

    Education Servers would provide a secure and controlled environment for students to collaborate and communicate with each other and their teachers. It could also foster a sense of community within the school and make it easier for students to access educational resources, discussions, and announcements.


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