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  • $h4døw__Hunt3r

    Well. If im correct who need 250 roles
    That 1
    2 u know that their server database could be too small to handle several discord servers with more than 250 roles

  • SaltiestMeatBall

    I need more than 250, hence why I made this post. Presumptious of you to assume no one does. I'm not the first to suggest this. My server is a newer roleplay server of over 100 people now that relies on roles and role sections to keep track of who is what in an organized and trustworthy fashion. As for #2, we don't know that. We don't work for them. We can only speculate. This suggestion is to get answers from discord themselves if it is indeed possible or not. If they want funding, I am willing to help with that.

  • Ry Vanhart

    I actually use roles for the same reason and had to delete a lot of auxiliary roles just to make room for more. I like being able to use that to keep track of things, but at the same time the limit is really putting a hamper on it. Really wish they'd make it the same as the limit for channels, which is 500, or higher.

  • q333

    So why not limit the rate how of fast rules can be created?
    50 per week
    100 per week level 1
    250 per week level 2
    500 per week level 3
    100 per month
    250 per month level 1
    500 per month level 2
    1000 per month level 3

    With maybe some loopholes

    Like maybe some new servers could ask to add whatever number of roles and then they would have a week to add them

  • _dean_

    Up. It would be really great to have the limit increased.

  • MsSprite

    I run a fairly large server 3500 people 700 online we are a rp server so we use alot of roles for that, but we also use roles to help devide where certain roles are supost to be in the role queue and offer custom boosting roles for people who boost we are close to 250 becuse of this and bring a level 3 server with 43 boosts I would like to see a increase in the role limit.

  • Adavidson4412

    reactivating this thread, so if the support team can see this they can read it in depth. As the Gaming community and RP community is growing exponentially and Rapidly, along with the recent addition of Premium subscription, the need for more roles are greatly needed especially for people who pay to gain a said custom role and icon along with to increase and generalize a stable exchange rate between members, Discord and the server owners

  • jongore

    Discord has a role limit of 250 that cannot be increased. This limit is in place to prevent server issues and slow performance. While it may be technically possible to increase the limit, it would negatively impact performance. To assign more roles, consider consolidating existing roles or using a different platform like Shopify redirect , WordPress or WooCommerce that allows for more roles.

  • spyrothedragon

    Increase role limit please! 
    .gg/dragonserver to see how i use roles.

  • Skull

    Performance relating to role updates and displays have improved over the years, but the limit has not. It would be nice to see a larger limit, especially now that we can have various different subscriber tiers (at gg/chill). It is non-ideal to have to chop at our current roles to make space for new ones when the limit could just be increased. This feels like a neglected part of the entire platform, and it negatively affects creators - especially dedicated ones with large servers.

  • Sindrah

    I'm gonna necro this as well, but not for why you might think.

    For those that are advocating for a role limit increase above 250, I noticed you all have many of the same things in common:

    You want more than 250 possible roles to cover all possible combinations of identifiers for an RP server… You are using roles incorrectly! Looking at you SaltiestMeatBall - roles are not meant for fine-detail organization and management; they are meant for broad management, especially if permissions are the key - and no, you really don't need to make a separate role for each permission node (there are 47 as of right now btw). Also, even if there was a pathway to increase on a case-by-case basis, there is NO WAY your server having less members than the role limit itself is gonna be viewed as deserving more roles - that's just rampant abuse of your unpaid space; a complete mismanagement of what roles are intended for in Discord.

    I administrate a server of more than 17,000 members, and my god, we aren't even close to the cap… and we have only 4 staff roles, 6 roles that grant access to other channels or special access with a bot, 2 roles for segregating users' access for being punished or for some other suspicious reasons, plus about 12 more for integrations for bots and subscriptions/nitro-boosters - the rest are all vanity roles with zero permissions. There is no damn way we are ever going to need more than 250 roles because we don't use roles to apply labels of every specific thing that can be thought of - for reference, I administrate a public drinking social server, where most of our roles are just silly titles that have something to do with a meme or a class of drinks, such as “Beer Enthusiast”, “Vodka Voyager”, or “”; we know better than to try and list every godsdamned drink known to man in a role - I mean, what would even be the point?

    Look, I'm not just here to shit on all of you that couldn't think outside the box… I'm also here to offer you the better solution - why create more than 250 roles for an RP server (or anything else) when you can use a bot to manage the whole thing? I mean, hell, there are tons of bots out there, even free ones, that you can use that even have their own economy for your server. If you can't find the right bot or combination of bots to suit your needs in this, then you should do what I did: write your own bot! It's dead easy to learn Javascript or Python, and it's even easier to build from an open-source bot that gives you a decent place to start (don't forget to credit the original author and include the required license info where applicable).

    Just to clarify, I do RP a lot, just not so much in a Discord Server because that is not the appropriate platform to host all of the RP data for a group of people - no, not even a D&D campaign with 4 players should be fully contained within a Discord Server; we still would require the use of docsharing or DnDBeyond for managing entities - players would only have roles that are a visible trait that are apparent by looking at them and are pertinent to other viewers needing immediate information on the spot: i.e. GM/DM, Class, Race… This would not even generate a list of 100 roles in all combined expansions for D&D. If you are using roles for things that change - i.e. stats, health, statuses, factions/organizations, equipment, subclasses, sub-races, et. al., that is why I say you are doing it wrong; all that belongs on a datasheet or managed by a bot with a database.

  • Ankial

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  • ssyoutubeonline

    Increasing the role limit on Discord beyond 250 can be desirable for larger servers with complex role structures. However, Discord imposes this limit for various reasons, including performance considerations and to maintain server stability. While it might seem feasible theoretically to increase this limit, there are practical challenges that make it more complex than just adjusting a number in the code.

    Here's a potential solution to manage the limitation:

    Role Hierarchy Optimization: Review your server's role hierarchy and consider consolidating roles where possible. Sometimes, servers accumulate numerous roles over time that may no longer be necessary. Streamlining your role structure can help stay within the 250-role limit.

    Role Tiering: Implement a tiered role system where roles are nested within each other. For example, instead of having individual roles for every permission combination, create broader roles with additional permissions granted through role hierarchies or channel permissions.

    Permission Groups: Utilize permission groups effectively to minimize the number of roles needed. By carefully assigning permissions within permission groups, you can reduce the overall number of roles required.

    Role Management Bot: Consider using a Discord bot specifically designed for role management. Some bots offer advanced role management features and may provide workarounds or optimizations to help manage large servers within Discord's limitations.

    Feedback to Discord: If the 250-role limit continues to be a significant limitation for your server despite optimization efforts, consider providing feedback to Discord through their official channels. While there's no guarantee that they'll change the limit, user feedback can influence platform improvements over time.

    Regarding the YouTube video downloader, as mentioned earlier, there are various tools available online for downloading YouTube videos. However, it's essential to be cautious when using such tools to ensure compliance with YouTube's terms of service. Research reputable tools, read user reviews, and use them responsibly to respect the rights of content creators

  • vdowni

    If you need to increase the role limit in a system or platform, follow these general steps based on the specific platform you're using:

    ### For Discord:
    1. **Server Settings**: Open your Discord server settings.
    2. **Roles**: Go to the "Roles" section.
    3. **Adjust Permissions**: You may need to contact Discord support or upgrade to Discord Nitro to increase role limits.

    ### For Custom Applications:
    1. **Access Admin Panel**: Log in to the admin panel of your application.
    2. **Configuration Settings**: Find the settings related to user roles.
    3. **Increase Limits**: Adjust the role limit settings and save the changes.

    ### For Enterprise Systems:
    1. **Consult Documentation**: Refer to the system's documentation for instructions on increasing role limits.
    2. **Contact Support**: Reach out to the support team or your account manager to request an increase in role limits.
    3. **Upgrade Plan**: Some systems may require upgrading your subscription plan to increase role limits.

    ### General Steps:
    1. **Review Current Limits**: Understand the current role limit and why you need more roles.
    2. **Plan New Limits**: Determine the new role limit needed.
    3. **Implement Changes**: Make the necessary changes in the system settings or configuration files.
    4. **Test**: Verify the changes to ensure they are correctly implemented and that the system functions properly.

    Increasing role limits often requires administrative access and might involve additional costs or upgrading to a higher service tier. Always back up current settings before making changes.


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