Random Invites sent to people


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  • Milannekuhh

    Yes, i had the same.
    You can send Discord links accidentally by right clicking on their name and than hitting invite to server.
    I had the same issue...

  • water


  • Wolterhon

    Recently I had the same issue. An invite was sent to a random person that I'm not even friends with. When I tried to send them I message I was told that I can't because they have blocked me / we don't have a mutual server. I really hope that was a weird bug and nothing else.

  • ציבי

    me too

  • Spaceyy

    This has actually happened to me several times after the first incident. It's almost always random people I have no mutual servers with. I really don't understand how this happens. I hope that Discord gets this under control soon, or I might end up getting my account banned for tons of unsolicited advertising. The last time this issue occurred, I somehow sent an invite to a server I don't even own to someone I have never heard of in my life. This bug is really starting to get on my nerves. 

  • Wolterhon

    If only that's a bug.

  • Wowdah

    This has happened to not only me, but all of the people on my private server that have the administrator role; and only them. That after a user joined our server that nobody had invited or even talked to for over a year. Kinda creepy.

  • Colonel_Volgin

    I random man with a photo of some politician of Marrocos just joined mine server, this hapened in lass than 1 hour, he got out but when i tried to speak with him said the same thing (have blocked me / we don't have a mutual server). HOW THE HELL HE COULD ENTER IN THE SERVER??


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