bring back activity tab


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  • shindomama777

    or at least make it optional

  • дебил

    Who in his goddamn mind thought removing activity tab wouldve been a good idea? LMAO

  • ZeiZeiii

    Activity tab and quick launcher are the only reason im using Discord. Im glad new TeamSpeak will come.

  • Schrödinger's Mana

    Agree, the activity tab was great!
    Also, why they would put the offline friends under the online ones if the offlines already have their tab?

  • Jarno

    Activity tab was like the best feature on discord, I could keep up with game news, dev blogs etc. Easily see what all my friends were up to, what servers had people in their voice channels and all. Now I have to check every server individually to see that. :(

  • YannikZocker

    I loved the Activity Tab it was realy practical if i startet Discord and sea all suff about games i like 

  • Cerzix

    I never used it actively besides looking at the games my friends are playing or game news. I agree with making it a toggle feature though.

  • godgutten

    Bump bring it back I used it all the time


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