more payment options


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  • ◇Anonymous◇

    I wanted to suggest exactly the same... then I saw your suggestion. 👌

  • LeonGamer_HD


    I would like to see PaysafeCard as a payment option and you?

  • ♪┏(°.°)┛ASpE

    I've seen this post and the idea is what I was going to suggest until I saw this post but still... you don't have good enough arguments so I will post another feedback regarding this with a little bit better arguments. I totally do agree with you about having more payment options since the majority of gamers aren't 18+, it's mostly teenagers but also children.

  • -4iY-

    It would be extra nice also because some of us are not allowed to have PayPal accounts nor pay directly via credict card (not disclosing the reason, but it's a one I dont see changing in the near future for me). Just any other method, unless it's another US-based payment service, would suit me. I wouldnt even care about commision as I wanted to get Nitro for a while now, only I cant pay for it 

  • I think Gpay, or payment with a Google play card should be a thing.

  • GekkeGlenn

    I like to see Ideal, becouse i cant connect my bank account to my paypal, and dont have a creditcard



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