More Payment method


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  • StevenTed 🎃

    Hey Papa Ferz,

    If you are on an IOS platform you can pay directly with money from your AppStore. I don't know if this function also works on Android

    (You can put money on your AppStore either with ITunes cards that you can find in town or by others that the AppStore offers)


  • ☆ Ven ☆

    No seriously Nitro needs more accessible options OTHER than credit card and paypal... especially with other countries that have a large user database. I don't have a credit card because personal reasons, and it's stupid getting a paypal now because it's asking me for a PASSPORT at signup, which I do not have.

  • Raffnuss
    Instant bank transfer will be nice. 
    I don't want to take everywhere my cardnumber since it was hacked.
    So please for european users make instant bank transfer.

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