Option for native OS window borders in Discord.


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  • paleopterix

    I really don't understand what you people have against window borders???? Where and how did this borderless windows idea came from?  Because it is NOT even pretty and it is definitely NOT useful. Having a thin 1px border won't affect your useful window space or anything. Having no window borders (or shadows) is just stupid. It makes windows blend with one another resulting in an eye hurting mess!

    This UI stupidity came from the imbeciles at Micro$$$$oft. I am sure that the people working to develop Discord are much smarter than this!!!!

  • bob saget

    And I don't see your issue with it. It would make Discord much nicer to blend in with the other programs. I don't get how "UI Stupidity" is coming from Microsoft. It just seems you really hate Microsoft. The issue with discord is that it doesn't have legitimate borders, and I'd like to see it use the borders of whatever OS it's running on, and like you said no borders is stupid, which is what Discord has. Something like this would be much better for Discord than the current no borders. Here's what I was suggesting.

  • paleopterix

    Please read again what I said. Maybe I didn't express myself well enough? All I said was that having windows without borders or any other element to distinguish them from the background is STUPID. When I use micro$oft Teams and Discord (both having NO BORDERS), for example, I often click on one window thinking that I clicked inside the other, because you can't tell them apart!!!!

    And YES, this trend was set by Micro$oft with their new "revolutionary" (read SHITTY) UI design (horribly ugly tiles, borderless windows, etc). And yes, I ABSOLUTELY HATE this Micro$oft!!! (although I used to love the old Microsoft - the ones who used to make things FOR the users (and not against or to spite them) and thoroughly TESTED any patches or updates before (unforcefully) applying them! But that company died quite some time ago and has been replaced by a 100% evil greedy corporation)

  • twpol

    The lack of native borders doesn't just look bad next to other applications, it is also an accessibility and usability problem, because:

    - Cannot tell whether the window is focused
    - Title bar and buttons on it are ~half the size of native (much harder to hit)
    - The top couple of pixels when maximised are not treated like a title bar (can't double-click or drag it)
    - The title bar context menu is the wrong size (mixed DPI issue?)
    - And probably more...


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