Discord won't open on Linux when an update is available


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  • antiftw

    Have you read any of the posts? I have contacted Discord on this issue, and they claim it is not their code. Who is talking about workarounds?

  • J_tech0

    Just checking we're all on the same page (and maybe clear up any confusion?):

    Discord themselves only provide (and offer support for) the .deb and .tar.gz for the Discord client on their download page here.

    Anywhere else you can install the Discord Client from is not maintained by Discord themselves. This includes: Snapcraft, Flatpak, Arch/Manjaro repositories, ...
    These "unofficial" repositories (as in not directly provided by Discord themselves) still rely on Discord's "official" packages (as in directly from Discord's website) to allow users to install and update Discord through their distro's package manager.

    Take for example the (unofficial) Arch package, which is actually nothing more than an installation script (PKGBUILD) that downloads the official .tar.gz file from Discord's website and installs the contents of that tar archive automatically.
    The problem is, this (unofficial) install script cannot be updated until the official downloads are released by Discord, which is also exactly when Discord starts to prevent users on old versions of the Discord Client from logging on.


    The very simple solution to this, as in OP's post, is that Discord should implement a grace period for users on the old clients.

    This would mean that:

    1. Discord would release the new official Client version on the downloads page and prompt (but not force) the user to update when they open the Discord Client.
    2. There would be a few days' grace for the unofficial package maintainers to release updated packages (installation scripts etc)
    3. Users have time to update the Discord Client through their package manager when the unofficial packages are released.
    4. Grace period ends, Discord stops logons from old Client versions.


    The issue at hand here is not what Discord do/do not provide support for. The purpose of this feedback thread is to call for Discord to not immediately disable log-ons from old client versions from the minute they release a new update, which as many others in this thread have mentioned, is a very uncommon and user-toxic policy.

  • antiftw

    +1 J_tech0, couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Hype-the-Time

    Hey Discord Team the tar.gz files are a problem because if you want to make a extra folder for example programs it is unsoported why dont you make it the files from the directory where is discord standing not every time /usr/bin/.... why not make this directory/discord commands should run

  • Argos

    Even microsoft is not as ret@rded as discord owners are. Their products just can not update themselves on linux but continue to work, and this piece of crap refuses to launch if it finds another useless update, absolutely ridiculous.

    I think we should continue creating topics on their forums/github repos until they stop acting like fagg0ts


  • exapsy

    @Argos I think we should discuss in good faith and not name call. Please be gentle.

    I'm sure the Discord team has done an amazing job on every other engineering area of the platform in terms of user experience and they're hard working people and serve billions of messages and millions of users among thousands of servers.

    I'm concerned as much as anyone if you judge by my first comment in this thread, considering I'm a premium user who actively gives money to Discord since 2018. But let's argue in good faith.

  • Minion3665

    Agreed. If we want discord to do anything it isn't a good idea to offensively insult them. Even if you believe that it is completely justified, I doubt that they'll see it that way.

    Please remember that discord is free and completely so; they don't owe it to you to support Linux at all and if you don't like their design practices you can move to the web version or another platform such as Slack, Telegram, or matrix.

    I want new features not to break discord as much as everyone here, but I don't believe that this nonconstructive abuse towards Discord staff is the way to go about it.

  • AaronRurp

    I want to add myself to the chorus of people saying that this update issue is a terribly irritating and user hostile decision on Discord's part. I recently started using Discord for the first time, but do not plan on using it in the future based solely on this issue. All other competing chat services can at least do the bare minimum of opening and being usable immediately when needed.

  • Clickpaw (WC)

    The same problem applies to Debian testing repository. It is 21-st century. It is better to remove it from repo because It is actually confusing and of no use to anybody.

  • scnlf


    Same problem on ubuntu this morning. It's fine, I can install the very latest snap. But please don't prevent me from opening the application without updating. Even if the update is available, users shouldn't be locked out until they update.

    And I do not want to download .deb s. I use the package manager for everything else.

  • Petrius


    Same problem on manjaro, since yesterday (23/03/2021 23:00:00 GMT-3).

    I have the same opinion as scnlf.

  • tsulhc


    One year later nothing has changed.

  • cesarizu

    Same thing with openSUSE. We use discord for work and this is very disruptive 😔

  • SeanRamey

    @Minion3665 I agree with not being hostile about this issue, but Discord DOES owe to many people who pay money for services on Discord. So, why is this still not fixed? Why?

  • ag/dot

    I do understand linux is barely a tiny fraction of discord's user base, and it's still tbh the best chatting app on the platform, (maybe with the exception of telegram which has a completely different scope), so I'm already grateful for the work everyone does for us.
    But the way updates are pushed goes completely against the way linux works in general, you can never expect people to install an update the moment it's pushed, even less so making them a direct download, I agree with some others here in that introducing a grace period for the previous version would be ideal, giving time for our repositories to update the packages accordingly.

    Another workaround that may work for Arch [and adjacent] users in particular for the time being is using the Public Test Build instead, we are already on bleeding edge distros and PTB is stable enough in my experience.

  • cesarizu

    It's that time of the month again... Discord is updated and locks lots of Linux users out. I wish that Discord devs would give a few days (and some notice) so that distros have enough time to update their builds.

    The worst part of it is that we are not talking about any breaking change with new versions. There are probably some security updates and so but nothing that prevents an old version of working with newer OTA code and servers. If you just update the `/usr/lib64/discord/resources/build_info.json` to version 0.015 it just works, no need to download anything new.

    Please Discord devs, take into account how the Linux ecosystem works.

  • siri

    So much for the new update. It just locks me out again. I fail to understand how hard it is to add a grace period.

  • Tidy Dave

    Locked out again too... :(

    Please engage us in conversation Discord devs!

  • myphs

    Just happened to me. It worked fine a few minutes ago, then I did a restart and now it's not starting anymore. Why do I even use the snap package if it is not up to date? This lock out mechanism should be disabled on snap.

  • Rafael Vega

    WTF?  just let us use the outdated version until the update propagates through the different distro repositories!! 

  • So u doing this again, Discord team. Not allowing to use the app until update, but update is not functional.
    Well. I am impressed and waiting for Telegram calls to come and going to abandon Discord app asap.
    + sound during your streaming session is not working if you are Ubuntu user. well well well. And this is during the pandemic. "good job"

  • KalininN

    This is absolutely disgusting. First of all, Discord updates for 30 seconds to several minutes each time I start the app, a thing that you don't expect from a messaging app. And now it does not work at all for many hours.

    Let me update my apps when I want to and do not block older versions until they don't work at all. Look at Telegram: an app installed in 2015 and never updated still launches and works fine.

  • jandastroy

    The worst part for people who have chosen the discord snap route is that they can't even edit the build json to bypass the lockout prompt.  This is totally a choice made by the discord devs, and if it isn't purely essential to update immediately they should give the repos that choose to have discord on them time to update.  Especially since it is so arbitrary to bypass on a more normal installation.

    Discord should be happy that other ecosystems are willing to transfer their software pro bono because if they keep this up, well... If I was maintaining this package I would be getting frustrated by now.  Implement a grace period so everyone doesn't have to give up on package subsystems and manually install everything all the time.

  • Hype-the-Time

    Hey guys I now tell you how to install discord:

    download the “tar” file and open it to umpacket it and just do that in a folder which you could name “Programms”. Then you need a special Programm which allows you to make entry’s in Programms Menu. (The Menü where Programms go when you install them like with synaptic or installer..) then make a new entry via this special Programm (in German you could install the Programm “Hauptmenü” for that) and let it open the “.desktop” file select the discord.png as picture to show up and save it then it should work and if you need to update discord all you have to do is download the tar file and unpack it in the “Programm” folder again and overwrite the last 1! Done ! if it doesn’t work ask I will try to figure out which mistake I did as I did this on my tablet and couldn’t look up everything.

  • antiftw

    Thanks scnlf, refreshing the Discord snap using the edge channel as mentioned in https://github.com/snapcrafters/discord/issues/105 fixed it for me:

    sudo snap refresh discord --edge

    It did require me to start Discord once from the terminal (just type 'discord') to finalize the upgrade, because when I tried to start it through the GUI still prompted the update message.

    Glad I am at least able to run it again without having to wait, But still, it is embarrassing that Discord still has not fixed this issue.

  • fullstake.li

    Locked out again today...

  • Vapor

    Is this logged as a bug, have we seen what the devs say about it? I had the same thing happen under fedora. 

    This Notification should be a warning NOT a hard stop!

    Anyway to fix under fedora...


    sudo vi /usr/lib64/discord/resources/build_info.json


    change "version to match whats in the notification window popup


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