Verfication by mail


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  • way

    emails are too easily created.

    If u do not have a phone, ask your parents if u can use their phone.

  • Gumiennik

    there needs to be a better solution. —— if the parent already had a discord account attached to that number — the child can't use the same number. — if a child uses a parent number, then the parent can't create an account with that number afterwards. —— this is also an issue for the instances where network operators re-use deactivated phone numbers — (there needs to be an option to disattach one's personal phone number from somebody else's account, or this will become an issue within the next few years — sped up by people circumventing this with a phone number emulator, which can be a necessity in some countries; discord operates on an assumption that every place in the world has one attachable mobile number per person, which is plainly not true — not all numbers can be attached, and not every culture has a custom of everyone in the family having a separate phone number.)


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