"Do not disturb" policy for "Invisible" status


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  • Flash

    I'm sorry but you're wrong; there are multiple options for the mute settings and they're really comfortable like this.
    Invisible status is good as it is and the mute settings make up for what it may "lack".
    I think that if someone wants to pretend that they're away then they should deal with the mute settings, not ruin Invisible status for everyone else.



  • Androiddd

    "There are multiple options" - Flash

    Are there options that I didn't initially cover?
    Because I can't seem to find any other options to do what I try to accomplish.

    Also I don't see how adding an extra switch in the settings menu to let Invisible also act like a DnD is going to "ruin Invisible status for everyone else.".

  • Flash

    Yeah there are, if you check the photo in my post.
    Options that allow you to mute discord servers without even having to unmute them back.
    Basically what you are asking for is a loss of time, they can't even put a switch to bring back the old layout and you asking for this bs lmao

  • Androiddd

    Wow take a chill pill mate! I'm sorry your feature request didn't happen but no reason to be toxic.
    I understand why Discord can't put a switch in for the old layout because they would have to keep the old layout up to date etc. What I'm asking is just to add a few lines of code to the settings menu and the invisible status that hook into the DnD policy. (Before you ask yes I'm a programmer)
    Any feature you could look at as a "loss of time". You value the old layout feature I value this.

    Your link to a picture doesn't seem to work:

    Access denied.

    Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to discord/attachments/379785893239848982/682310375391100957/unknown.png.

    But about server muting is not what I'm looking for. Because I have a lot of people in my friends list an servers so that solution won't work for me.

    If you respond again please stay respectfull. I'm nicely asking for a feature and I'm happy to answer any questions but no need for toxicity.

  • Flash

    Was I rude?
    I was just nicely saying that it's a loss of time to ask for such thing.
    I'm too lazy to do another screenshot but if you go to your friends list and right click on one of your friends you can mute them for exactly 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours or until you un-mute them. (Goes the same for servers.)

    You insist that muting is not what you are looking for but it is precisely why there's no dnd for invisible, because the solution is simple and already exists.

    P.S. Stop upvoting your own comment and downvoting mine, that just looks pathetic.

  • TheMarkus1204

    If you have just a few Friends / Servers, this would indeed be helpfull! But if you have a ton of friends / Servers as Androiddd mentioned, this is a chore! Even IF you don't have to Unmute them manually!

    So, yeah... And I don't see why a SWITCH in Settings that does exactly what is asked here will ruin the Invisible Status in Discord as nothing will change if you don't toggle said switch!

    It is just an Option Discord CAN (and should) give us so that WE can decide if we want to use it or not!


    (Same goes for Active Now and Emoji-Reaction-Suggestions regarding the new Layout)

  • ☣Khornetto☣

    I can't believe why invisible status doesn't mute the sounds by default anyways.

  • Hope

    This really needs to be a thing already.  Like really, really badly.  In fact it'd be nice if Dicsord would listen to its users pretty much *at all* at this point.  Tons of people asking for simple QOL things for years now, stuff like this and removing or extending the terrible chat character limit in some way or another, like as a server setting or a personal setting for DMs, etc.  But no.

    This chat program is missing so many simple features that have been a mainstay in other programs for ages.  Hell, Skype, of all programs, had a massive character limit for its text messages, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 characters, iirc.  Much better than Dicsord's 2k.  It also let you forward a message to friends via DMs, something you can't do in Dicsord because, apparently, they think the @ feature is good enough.  It's not.

    Then there's the simple thing of turning off notifications automatically while invisible.  You know what would fix this whole issue?  Turn "Do not Disturb" into a secondary status like, and I hate that I'm saying this, what Steam does with its chat.  That way people would see you online or idle and you could toggle DnD on or off to get notifications then when you went invisible you could, once more, toggle DnD on to turn off notifications easily.

    Of course, just making invisible turn off notifications itself would be nice, yet the DnD as a secondary status toggle seems a good compromise.


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