Server Discord Monetization


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  • DropStab

    nice idea

  • 3аКаТ
    • хороший сервер
  • Kirishima. | 冨岡

    I hope that this idea won't be ignored, because i completely agree with Naneynonn.

  • RusTNT

  • Tae

    It would be good if it were at least somehow implemented.

  • Karam

    I was literally thinking about this the other day.

    If you think enough about it, as server owners and content/platform creators, we're quite literally adding in an effort, time and quality to not only work on our own side-hobbies in keeping a specific community pleased, heard, fulfilled and much more, but we're indirectly also promoting Discord by being representatives for the platform, as well as giving people reasons to invest into the platform. And boosts are one of the investments that people can then resolute to. And who gave them the reason in the first place to boost? Exactly. 

    Discord obviously created this medium, and they make up the backbone of its capabilities, so they surely own the credit, no question there. It is just important to realize that as people who then do our best to volunteer and add time & effort into giving others reasons to invest and give back to discord, we kind of are part-reasons for why people do use discord and stick with it.

    Now to further argue why monetization helps platform/content creators on Discord by asking the question: "What are the money used for?". It is as simple as asking how and why Discord needs the money. Discord obviously provides a service, and for that service to keep going, resources are needed, which are costly. The more invested, the more they are able to provide that specific service. And that applies to simple platform/content creators as well! We provide a specific service as well, and, when we're able to have something given back in return for our service, we're able to continue adding in effort, time and much more into the platform, which further only helps Discord, since we're basically adding more time into marketing the platform for others to invest in. It is like an elongation of everything we already do and only adds up in rewarding Discord in the end, meaning that the 30% of each boost that could have gone to Discord still benefits Discord - it is just an investment that they're making to further content creation and platform quality on their platform/medium by having others do that job for them and having more resources while we're at it!


    Sorry for the long message/explanation. I just felt like emphasizing this and giving reason behind this post, since I didn't find anything descriptive like this in here.

    Thanks in advance for reading through and your consideration(s)!


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