Gif Avatars


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  • CHODAN17

    or at least a button/slider to toggle the feature

  • Alan Kirby

    Agreed. I would like my avatar to be continuous in chat channels using the mobile app for android/iphones

  • Vinicio priesing

    I am disappointed to have bought nitro because I bought it only for a feature that I thought would look great and was the animated avatar, so I see it is not 100% animated because it lacks animation in the desktop app when you send a text you have to click on the text or pass the mouse that joke has to be animated if it is not all the time animated when you see it in the users section is not animated and much less when you see the thumbnail of your profile is not animated either, I would prefer that they activate it 100% all the time and have the option for people who suffer from animation discomfort a button which will affect only their app of discord not in general because there are people like me who buy the advantages to be activated all the time, for me 9. 99 USD in the trash makes me sad


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