Read receipts for direct messages


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  • Lymeor

    +1 ! It's a must have... 

  • Douglas Lassance

    Direct and group messages for sure. Ideally possible to enable on channels. Btw, this is a dup of this feedback.

  • zentin abidh
    1. Read receipts in direct messages allow you to know when your recipient has read your message.
    2. This feature offers transparency in communication, enabling you to track your message's delivery and read status.
    3. Users can enable or disable read receipts according to their preference in settings.
    4. Enabling read receipts can enhance engagement with your messages and improve communication efficiency.
    5. For freelancers offering services, this feature can improve customer interactions and project discussions.
    6. Disabling read receipts may help maintain privacy or avoid the pressure of immediate response.
    7. Fiverr gig owners may find read receipts useful for managing client conversations and delivering timely updates.
    8. It helps you know if your client has seen your message, ensuring clear lines of communication.
    9. This feature can enhance trust and build stronger relationships with your clients.
    10. For effective gig management, use read receipts to plan follow-ups and manage client expectations.
    11. Be mindful of different users' settings and respect privacy preferences.
    12. Proper use of read receipts can improve your Fiverr gig's overall customer service and communication strategy.







  • ceyowo

    I'm having trouble downloading images from Every time I try to download an image, it either fails to start or stops midway. Can you help me fix this?

  • capapo

    Thanks for pointing that out. I'll check the link to see the details:

  • papiw

    Thanks for the info! It's good to know how read receipts can improve communication. I'll check the settings to see how to enable them. For more details, visit


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