Nitro Subscription for IOS users


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  • alistair

    Whilst I don't own an apple device, so I can't be certain, I'm fairly sure that the reason that iOS does not have an option to purchase nitro is because of the awful fees that Apple charge. If you have a computer, you can log in on it and purchase Nitro on the web app or desktop app :)

  • 𐐪 rinisaur ₊˚ ๑

    i would appreciate if they did this. I purchased it on pc bought some boosts but i wanted to boost another and it swapped my sub from pc to apple managing. so now i have to wait till it ends...

  • JohnnyOnTheSpot

    Maybe I’m confused, but I’m pretty sure I was able to purchase and subscribe to Nitro from my iPhone with no issues.

  • JohnnyOnTheSpot

  • SouthernDude

    This seriously needs to be fixed. 


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