Allow option to copy messages and bots in server templates


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  • SevensU7P

    Hey Myacorn,

    I doubt this would ever be a thing what you are asking for as this would possibly fall in to privacy and data protection issues as you are copying / moving someone's posts to somewhere else without their authorisation. also the servere would be full of posts from a user that was never in the server and will cause of kinds of issues as new message ids would need creating and technically, the way discord is designed id say next to impossible to do as for the message links and IDs etc.

    In addition and you may also be interested to know a lot of server owners including myself has found a massive floor in this new feature allowing people to effectively steal a server with out the owner knowing. All admins not just the server's owner has access to this and look in your audit log. Nothing :-O I assume you have been creating using templates. Now delete a template and still nothing in the audit log....
    Big Issue!!!!! As good as this feature may be, it needs work and locking down to only server owners





  • myacorn


    Hi, I did read your post on that issue, and I hope it gets fixed soon.

    I do understand that this probably will not happen, but creating an option to have announcements that sync to the template that are more than 1000 characters would be an easy fix for this.

    The current limit is 1000 characters for a channel description, and this gets synced to the template and is displayed at the top.

  • SevensU7P

    Sorry I didn't realise you meant the Channel description texts...
    I thought you meant actual message in a channel. my apologies.

    This I assume could be done and is part of each channel and not link to a message id as such (i assume) I don't know.

    My reply was based on actual posts made by members of the original server. This i am sure would not be possible for the reasons or data protection and privacy of the sender as well as the design of the system behind the scenes.

    As I can see you are interested in this new feature in Discord. May I draw your attention to something myself and a fellow server owner and friend found out? I don't know if this would or could affect you in your field on this platform but if it does, I am glad i made you aware of it. If this portal will allow me too please check out the thread i started regarding security concerns myself and other server owners have towards this new feature in its current form...



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