Discord IOS Spotify status


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  • pingu

    I agree, I’d really like this feature to work with iOS devices.

  • Lxbbyy

    This would be so good, surely it can’t be that hard if they’ve done it with Android?

  • charlize

    Omg yes please! I’ve been trying to figure it out for 7 months

  • mello

    Yes I’ve been trying to make them do it

  • ItsZippy


  • mar 3

    I agree!


  • sunshinecoffee

    yep we still need this

  • unpurified

    Y e S   we need this

  • Now listen, this feature is something I would really want to, but the problem is that it cannot happen. The coding language is different for Android, and Android is a lot more free and compatible than iOS, because iOS is what you would call “jailed”. The only way to get this feature is to use android, jailbreak your iOS, or use a computer

  • Jemerald

    Okay, listen. I know a way that works for me. So basically, you open Spotify. Go to google, and type discordapp.com/channels
    Sign in.
    Now, type in open.spotify.com
    Make sure both tabs are running. After each song, you'll need to refresh the pages, but it works.

    After this, go into your actual app on your homescreen. When you open a DM, and click on your profile, it will display the "Listening to Spotify" status with the song playing.

  • Addison

    This feature would honestly be a good idea to have added.

  • LetsChill

    well, its kinda possible, if you open and listen to spotify and, go to safari and open discord app on it, it will show it

    i don’t think there is any issues, no need for jailbreak, or anything else, its simply implemented on the discord code, i guess its a simple api connection

    i hope discord add this feature to ios, i don’t think its hard to implement!, so please.

  • CompeteBeat

    I know its been 2 years since you wrote this but if your reading this, remember that iOS and its software restrics interaction between any other apps, thats exactly what makes iOS devices securs and rarely gets viruses.

  • Addison


  • ungss



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