[bug] media not playing


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    go to your hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) and the line

    cdn.discordapp.com media.discordapp.net

    ez fix

  • Vafarien

    adding that line, and saving to the host file, and rebooting into discord, didn't fix the media not playing when i press play on it. Still the same video not playing as before.

  • houskar_mates

    I have the same issue, the videos are stuck at 0:00/0:00 (both desktop app and browser app), but when I open the media link in my browser it works fine.

  • Vafarien

    houskar_mates , yeah it seems to only work normally through a browser such as google chrome. Since the desktop client for discord seems to be using a bad build of the chromium's proton API.

  • Sirius

    Okay i faced this same issue. My fix was opening the video/gif in web browser.

  • Biermon

    I faced this issue many times. My fix usually is to resend the link, but just change the media to cdn and .net to .com.


    This doesn't work: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/732608978323898378/876702555592355891/untitled.mp4 

    But after swaping media for cdn and .net to .com it does: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/732608978323898378/876702555592355891/untitled.mp4

  • Chainsaw Gaming

    Just got this glitch. If this has been happening for years without fix, I'd say it might just not be fixable on the dev's part but I don't work for Discord so I don't really have a say. What might just be best is to just move on from Discord. Maybe I've just lost hope but you can't really blame me.

  • Chainsaw Gaming

    I have finally found a fix. I usually only use Discord on browser but I downloaded it for my pc and now it works.

  • Kernador

    i use opera gx and i have this problem. but when i use the app or google chrome, it works perfectly fine

  • SmokinNightOwl

    This is still apparently an issue. Most of my uploaded videos are about 75mb+ and they all have this issue. Downloading the clip works fine, but who wants to download a file from discord usually? not exactly smart security decision...

    Hope this gets fixed,

  • blackyoshi

    Same issue, .mp4s on desktop wont play when clicked in the client. Just says 0:00 and displays a thumbnail. Apparently been an issue for 2 years??

  • KateAstrophe

    I have always had this issue. There has never been a time when videos would play on Discord for me. Today I found a fix... wait for it... I moved the video on one second and it played... :D


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