Emojis Not Working (Bug?)


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  • I have the same problem on iphone

  • NobleOpti92

    Your problem is that it's a jpeg image. Jpeg images don't support transparent backgrounds. Try changing it to a png

  • ♪ ₴₮Ɇ₱ ฿ⱤØ ♪

    My emojis and gifs are no longer animated for me they are just a picture but for the people I send them too they show up normally it stoped working last night and is still not working it works on my laptop but not on my iPhone

  • ʚ♡⃛ɞmizuchii

    ^^^ I am having the exact same problem. My discord emotes/gifs won’t make any movement anymore but they seem to be normal on other peoples screen. For me it looks like I just sent a image or something. And it’s annoying :(

  • CH4MP

    So i have found a way to fix this
    Go To Appearance And Turn Reduce Motion And That Should do it


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