Server Ban


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  • ツ J∈∩∫

    Use English, please.

  • † AbNuR

    Hello there,


    † Your username owned by Kaptân Ferociôus # 3482 has been banned in duplicate with the username 333390837838774273 registered on their server.

    Multiple shots were made for other friends on a credit card and their different addresses were automatically banned by the systemless algorithm for fraud. The identity of the cardholder making the shoot may transfer to you depending on the event. The cardholder personally carries out this process.

    Host owner † Kaptân Ferociôus 34 # 3482 (id: 333390837838774273)
    Nearly 18k users named INFERNO are victims. In order to solve the problem, we request that your authorities make a necessary examination and return to you.


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