Add Discord (& beta) to Huawei AppGallery


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  • Spidmax

    100% Agree, i have P40 Pro and ijust doesn't receive any notifications from discord app, because sideload. You should make an official version for Huawei App Galery.

  • Jannis

    I agree. Discord works on Huawei p40 pro, but without Push it's kinda useless. Adding it to the App-Gallery would be the first step and not much work. 

    But it would be cool if you could also support the Huawei Push Service (and optionally also the HMS Kamera Kit for taking Photos)

  • SerjS

    100% correct, I was going to make something like this, but since you have already done it I'm upvoting. This isn't a thing that should be here, the developers, if they cared, they would've already started doing it! Shame Discord didn't do it yet.

    Google abandoned us, the main Google app is very buggy, whereas on other devices it's not. If they abandoned with Google Play Services too, then all of the apps wouldn't work correctly. This app should be on AppGallery, no matter how many up/down votes it gets. This isn't a thing to be thought of, this should be already been done from the first place!

  • SerjSev

    ImMattis, the one on AppGallery just sends you to the playstore version when you click install. So it's not valid nor it's powered by HMS and not GMS, it's just the app name, pictures and description but it sends you to playstore when you click install.

  • ImMattis

    Sorry, I didn't saw that

  • SerjSev

    It's fine 🙃

  • Penny


    I own a Huawei P40 Lite(JNY-LX1) build number and it does not come with GMS, only HMS.

    The problem with discord is that even if i set notifications to go through the app, it wont push it, i must open app for that to happen. (I have set app to never be put auto to sleep and it did not fix)
    Also another annoying thing is that every time i open app it will crash a random ammount of times until it opens stable.
    In order to keep the app up, i need to access a function of the app right when i open it, as in i open app and i immediately swipe right to open the settings tab and it would keep open.

    My discord version is 23.0 and i used Aurora Store to install it.

    Maybe others have this issue or my comment will help, so i hope this will reach the right person.

    Thank you,

  • Klingalin/Tommy

    This is a great idea. We need the notifications without google services on mobile!

  • Leokadia Kropilecka

    We, users of Huawei Mobile Services, need notifications!

    You should make an official version for Huawei App Galery.


    I agree

  • CarMol

    Discord PLEASE LISTEN TO US!!! Without notifications the app is useless :C #DiscordOnHMS

  • chessieblack

    Discord is my main messaging app. It can get frustrating missing notifications. Please add it to the Huawei App Gallery! 

  • Mladen

    Do u see that they dont care at all... Users are not important to companies like discord. When they get small they listen to all, when they get a bit bigger they ignore all. Im delete 2 channels with 1000+ users and uninstall discord becuz i dont get notifications on my phone. I suggest to u to do a same thing, when they lose few millions of huawei users they will mabye then think to listen.

  • rod



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