Discord Bot Verification



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  • Vex

    Even sending a letter to their address is another idea. That's what google did with me to verify for youtube montization

  • Chainedge

    Google lets you verify entire listings for organizations through a mail they send to your place with a code, so why can't the same process be integrated for Discord devs? Still though, the id photo seems to be a more convenient function.

    Also, my country isn't in the Stripe support list, so? Even though if I have a groundbreaking bot, I can't put it in more then 75 servers unless I transfer it to someone who can? Excuse me, but this it outright playing yourself. I know, verification is to block off those free stuff bots who'd prune anything they got inside (in fact, I was one of the people flagging those) but this type of verification is clunky and will make Discord lose developer community from international spaces since they can't even add their bots to more than 75 servers.

  • Saltspreader

    Another MAJOR problem - my bot was in 1,000 servers in the amount of time they advertise as being able to verify requests..(Let alone the fact that it's been 2 weeks and hardly any bots have been verified meaning their rates may be exaggerated)...I probably would've ended up ragequitting if I sat there for a week turning hundreds of servers away each day because of discord being slow with their verification

  • Phantom

    Listen, does verification only require the bot to be on 75 servers or more? And how many years is this verification? If I am 16, can I do this?


  • tasdidtahsin

    I'm only 16 how can I get a national ID in my country before 18? Does discord want young developers away?


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