New Android UI


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  • Mr. Knitler

    The new UI is much better than the older one, especially on larger devices like my Samsung Galaxy Note10+. Now I can reach some buttons with only one hand!

  • Samsung Galaxy A30 user here. (An A30 [158.5 × 74.7 mm] is slightly larger than a Note 10 [151.0 × 71.8] but slightly smaller than a Note 10+ [162.3 × 77.2].

    The new UI absolutely blows. I have both v15.6 and v22 installed on my phone, and v15.6 is hell of a lot easier to use. The channel drawer can be opened with the Back button on v15.6, and the chat area is anchored just like it's meant to be. Can't say the same for v22, which moves the entire chat area every time I want to access the channel drawer, and often times when I DON'T want to access the channel drawer, when I was scrolling back up the chat area.


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