discord won't stop showing my xbox live status.


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  • pog2020

    Try restarting Discord, if that doesn't work, reinstall.

  • Yona

    I've got this same issue and nothing is helping. Discord keeps saying that I'm playing The Division 2 despite me having closed the game, and even played a different game before I shut off the xbox and went to my computer.

    I tried turning on the xbox again and making sure the game was closed and shutting it off, disconnecting my xbox account from discord and reconnecting it, turning off game activity, closing discord with task manager, reinstalling discord, and logging out and then logging back in. None of these have helped me get rid of the status, and it's only happening with my computer's version of discord. When I only use my phone's version, the status goes away.

    I've also tried checking a couple xbox apps on the computer to see if the issue is able to be fixed through any of those and there's no solution so far. If there's any possible further help, it'd be greatly appreciated if someone could offer it, as simply restarting/reinstalling discord didn't fix anything.

    Hopefully this issue goes away on its own but I'm not sure what to do if it doesn't.


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