Android Discord taking up majority of phones ram


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  • Lord-Xanthor

    I wanted to update this. Cant find an edit button so adding it here. Prior to the above post I had stopped the Android application and started it with 700+ mb still being used by ram. What I did not think to do was after unsubscribing from the server packed with files, was to end Discord again. I stopped discord and reloaded the application this time with awesome results. Discord this time was now only taking 127mb, instead of the 700+.
    If your in the same boat as me and need to free ram up, unsubscribe from a server you no longer use that is known to be packed with content, stop the Android discord application, and reload jt. Just stopping the application wont help. You need to get rid of too many servers that are taking up resources.

  • max see

    same for me, discord is lagging so much now, the performance is now lackluster


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