Changes to the Mobile UI


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  • QMax

    I hate the new mobile UI with a passion. It feels so slow and klunky as well as absolutely unnecessary. Discord for mobile was perfectly fine in the first place.

  • Vandalous

    I believe these design changes are being implemented to account for the UI/interaction changes that have been found in recent Android and apple devices, because the way back/home/forward actions are made are difficult to use when interacting with applications that still utilize the materials design philosophy originally created by Google several years ago

  • QueenCrystalStar

    If the design changes are in the case for newer devices, I really hope that they implement a way to change to the older version. There has to be a way to put a settling like that in so that those who really hate the UI can change it to the simpler design. This UI just feels overly complicated for no reason.

  • I agree wholeheartedly. I've gone and started a hashtag #NotMyPlaceToTalk that protests the v20.4 "Tabs" UI. Feel free to use the hashtag to put your two cents in and talk about your Discord app struggles.


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