The new UI for Android.


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  • Kuhumi

    Exactly, agreeable

  • Marcko

    Ikr, pls devs, if you're seeing this, bring back the old but better UI, it was kinda perfect imo. If not, please make a switch to toggle back. The new UI is a big nope for me

  • Idk

    It just sucks in every way. Why do they have to make the UI harder to work with all the damn time? please by the gods discord devs STOP IT


  • Teo⚘

    Not to mention that i already miss the little bubbles in the right corner that appear when someone was talking on the connected bar. Now that bar is up somewhere,and when somebody want to stream something it looks so fricking weird. When we talk on a server and somebody has the stream opened,looks like we're in a private group,and its confusing. And laggy too. Everytime when one of my friends stop the stream and start it again,I need to hang up and reconnect if I want to see something. Please discord bring back the old,but gold UI.

  • Kuhumi

    To be honest the calls in general are horrible now. I don't like the overlay (I can obviously disable it though so it doesn't matter too much to me) Although now when I call someone I won't have any idea if my mic isn't working or if I am even talking in the call. Overall, everything is very cramped and it just isn't right for something like discord.


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